The new commercial cleaning strategy of speed and efficiency is here! Candor Cleaning Services (CCS) is a metro-Atlanta based cleaning company that specializes in commercial cleaning with exceptional customer service but with an integration of smart technology.

  • CCS puts customers first. We guarantee customer satisfaction on every job from small to large. We’re so confident in our services that we know you’ll be back for future work!
  • Technology-centric company that allows you to have no worries about your cleaning process.

CCS is an advanced commercial cleaning company providing service for small to medium-sized businesses in metro-Atlanta and surrounding region.

We use the latest guidelines for disinfection and incorporate technology into our brand. This strategy allows for an innovative way of cleaning while adhering to the challenges everyone faces today with America’s new standard of doing business and staying safe.

CCS has the capacity to provide a professional cleaning routine for apartment complexes, office buildings, health facilities, retail store fronts, and business suites at regular schedule intervals or an as needed basis.

In addition to handling commercial businesses, we are also equipped to service most residential areas.

Our mission is to build a leading cleaning company with a foundation of delivering superior service and providing clean environments for our customers.