The services we provide are simple. It’s the LEVEL of service that makes us different than what you’re accustomed to!

The future of cleaning is here! Gone are the days of traditional mop and broom cleaning. Today is all about smart technology along with superior customer service that allows cleaning automation for your business.

Commercial Cleaning

Candor Cleaning Services, to be abbreviated as CCS, provides daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services for small to medium-sized businesses. Your business is vital to you and your family. Why not have peace of mind knowing that your environment is virus-free, germ-free, and a cleanliness that will allow you to focus on other areas of your business?

We provide services such as sanitization of hard surfaces and equipment and in addition to the following:

• Daily carpet care

• Daily hard-surface cleaning and maintenance

• Kitchen & restroom cleaning and sanitizing

• Window cleaning

• Waste removal

Green – Smart Cleaning

CCS uses the latest technology and best practices to provide an efficient, clean environment. While useful in some cases, traditional products that contain bleach, ammonia, and artificial fragrances are harmful to our environment. CCS practices using professional natural, green cleaners that are eco-friendly.

Diamond Member Services

Our Diamond member services are for clients who are premier account holders. When you subscribe to our monthly service, you’ll get your own account representative assigned to you. Your account representative will guide you through your service contract and provide you with weekly operational support. Additional benefits may include:

• Weekly or monthly cleaning reports

• Green – Smart cleaning usage report

• Weekly communication with account representative

Post Construction

New construction, remodeling, and other renovation projects need detailed cleaning in order to showcase your new building such as a home. CCS can handle your post-construction cleanup with careful detail and clearing out any materials that need to be removed.